Water & Sewerage

Rapid improvements are being made in augmenting drinking water supply and sanitation in India, due to concerted efforts by the various levels of government and communities at improving coverage. The level of investment in water and sanitation, even though low by international standards, has increased in size during the 2000s. The share of Indians with access to improved sources of water has increased significantly from 72% in 1990 to 88% in 2008. At the same time, local government institutions in charge of operating and maintaining the infrastructure are seen as weak and lack the financial resources to carry out their functions. About 8% of Indians still lack access to improved sanitation facilities. A study by Water Aid estimated as many as 10 million Indians, or 5 percent of Indians living in urban areas, live without adequate sanitation. India comes in first place globally for having the greatest number of urban-dwelling inhabitants living without sanitation. India tops the urban sanitation crisis, has the largest amount of urban dwellers without sanitation, and the most open defecators (urban) with over 5 million people.


A number of innovative approaches to improve water supply and sanitation have been tested in India, the central and state governments are vastly funding in order to improve access to water and sanitation.

VGR Infracon is emerging company in India and started business in this segment also and trying sincerely to get the projects from all the departments in India.

Type of works to be carried out;

a) Design, Engineering and Construction of all type of Reservoirs and Water Tanks etc.,

b) Laying & Jointing of all types pipe lines (DI/HDPE/uPVC/RCC) etc.,

c) Erection & Commissioning of Distribution systems and feeder mains etc.,

d) Rural/Urban Water Supply Schemes etc.,

e) Design, Construction of Water Treatment Plants (WTP) and Sewerage Treatment Plants (STP) & Pump House with allied works etc.,

Completed Projects;

Ongoing Projects;



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