Irrigation in India includes a network of major and minor canals from Indian rivers, ground water well based systems, lift irrigation systems, tanks, and other rain water harvesting projects for agricultural activities. About 47.7% of total agricultural land in India was reliably irrigated. About 2/3rd cultivated land in India is dependent on monsoons. Irrigation in India helps improve food security, reduce dependence on monsoons, improve agricultural productivity and create rural job opportunities. Dams used for irrigation projects help produce electricity and transport facilities, as well as provide drinking water supplies to a growing population, control floods and prevent droughts.


The Central and State Governments also vastly funding in this sector to construct dams, tanks and lift irrigation systems to improve water facilities to farmers. This sector may add business to all construction companies in the future.

VGR Infracon is emerging company in India and started business in this segment also and trying sincerely to get the projects from all the departments in India.

Type of works to be carried out;

a) Construction of Lift Irrigation Schemes etc.,

b) Restoring works for minor tanks and lakes etc.,

c) Construction of major/minor Dams and Tanks etc.,

d) Drip Irrigation / Sprinkler Irrigation Projects etc.,

Completed Projects;

Ongoing Projects;



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