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Think of the word home, and you may call up an image of a comfortable bungalow, high-rise flat or organized garden apartment.

But the concept of a home is changing, and so is the way that homes are constructed. The residence that people associate with comfort, safety, and family is being transformed into something new by a meeting of factors. Among them are population growth, a shortage of affordable housing, sustainability regulations, and a construction industry that’s in the middle of a technology revolution.


The industry is building new forms of housing that are affordable, shared, eco-friendly, flexible, stylish and healthy.

Around the world, the industry is building new forms of housing that are affordable, shared, ecofriendly, flexible, stylish, or healthy. These alternatives to traditional homes already make up 4% to 6% of all new residential units built in any given year. The indicators of future demand in the portion of new units represented by futuristic housing forms will continue to increase over the next couple of years.

VGR Infracon is the emerging company in India in the field of construction and development of housing schemes for all classes of people in the society. Our dream is to provide houses to customers in affordable prices and good constriction quality.

Type of works to be carried out;

a) Construction of multistoried Apartments, Malls, Hospitals, Hotels and all other buildings etc.,

b) Real Estate & Lands Developments etc.,

c) Venture Plotting and sales etc.,

Completed Projects;

a) Multistoried building (G +5 Floors) at NV Nagar, Allapur, Borabanda, Hyderabad.

Ongoing Projects;



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